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Sustainability – is it a driver for international student destination and institution choice?

Updated: Jan 22

International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) blog, May 2021

Sustainability is increasingly an important part of the marketing mix in terms of how our institutions present themselves to the world.

The silver lining to what has been the biggest disruption to the international education sector is the opportunity to redesign our approach and ‘reset’ our industry in a sustainable way, writes Brett Berquist. Thus far, most of our discourse on sustainability in the international education sector has focused on the conflict between international student and staff travel, systemic and intensive in our sector, on the one hand, and our institutional goals to reduce our carbon footprint, on the other hand. In the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Climate Action is very important, but just one of 17 SDGs. Higher education is grappling with and working towards all 17 goals. This year, a record 1,200 institutions participated in the third edition of the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings.

In co-hosting the THE Innovation and Impact Summit in April with Penn State, Professor Dawn Freshwater, Vice Chancellor at the University of Auckland, issued a rallying cry that our work (higher education) is …“no longer about being best in the world, but being the best for the world”. Brett Berquist explores the link between sustainability and international student destination and institution choice on the IEAA blog.


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