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Media release: Addressing the tension between international education and sustainability

Updated: Jan 22

Media release, July 2023

The Climate Action Barometer (CAB™) is a groundbreaking initiative to drive sustainability for the international education sector.

Driving environmental sustainability initiatives for the international education sector, the Climate Action Barometer is a global benchmark that tracks, compares, and revolutionises sustainability policies, practices and emissions, across time.

Today the International Education Sustainability Group announces the Climate Action Barometer (CAB™) for International Education, a groundbreaking initiative to drive sustainability initiatives for the international education sector.

The CAB sets itself apart as the first and only climate benchmark tool explicitly tailored for international education, introducing new standardised measures for environmental sustainability, worldwide.

The number of internationally mobile students has tripled in the last two decades with over 6 million students undertaking an international study experience in 2022. When they travel, students take with them their cultures and stories and bring a richness to communities. International education is a force for good. However, the huge value of our sector also comes with a climate cost.

As dedicated professionals within the field, IESG Co-Founders Will Archer, Ailsa Lamont and Emily O’Callaghan understand the inner workings of international education and, more importantly, recognise the key steps needed to foster more climate-friendly practices across the sector.

At its core, CAB represents a significant leap towards a greener future. It empowers institutions and organisations involved in international education to embark on transformative sustainability journeys, reducing their carbon footprint and taking proactive measures to protect the environment. By tracking key metrics and analysing sustainability practices, CAB provides a comprehensive assessment of the collective impact of the sector on our planet.

Through the Climate Action Barometer for International Education, IESG cultivates a community of like-minded changemakers, fostering collaborations and knowledge-sharing to combat climate change collectively. As the world confronts environmental challenges, the power of the education sector becomes ever more apparent: nurturing a generation of environmentally-conscious leaders who will drive transformative change for generations to come.

International universities are invited to join this initiative from August 2023.

IESG thanks CAB Founding Member universities:

  • Charles Darwin University

  • Curtin University

  • Flinders University

  • University of Auckland

  • The University of Newcastle

  • The University of Sydney

  • University of Tasmania

  • Western Sydney University

The CAB pilot will take place during August 2023, reporting in September and October.

Universities and education providers wishing to join this initiative should contact Ailsa Lamont: Tel: +61 407 128 462

For media inquiries, interview requests, or more information, please contact Emily O’ Tel: +61 403 746 628

For potential partners and investors, contact Will Archer: Tel +44 7595 893321.


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